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No two people are the same. From our metabolisms to our genetic makeup, there are dozens of factors that can influence a person’s overall health and wellness. Here at Livea, we know how important it is to help create fully customized and tailored health and wellness plans for each one of our members. Our physician tested meal plans are customized for each new member to ensure that your food both matches up with your likes and dislikes and easily fits in with your daily schedule. Quit the fads and start the last weight loss plan you will ever need today.

How Livea Works

We’ve all heard of those weight loss companies that are constantly having you purchase their products and utilize their systems while leaving you with no real long-term solutions. Livea, on the other hand, is built and designed to help you make real lasting changes to your long-term health. We do this by breaking our plans into three distinct stages.

step 1

Weight Loss

Everyone wants to see fast results, which is why we start each wellness plan with the nutrients to get you energized and active through delicious meals.

step 2


As you get closer to approaching your goal weight, we will begin integrating more options into your daily diet that will allow you more versatility in your food consumption.

step 3


In this final stage, you will be set up with all the knowledge and resources you need to easily continue your healthy eating well past our program.

Once you finish your third step, you’ve done it! You are ready to take your first steps as a fully independently healthy individual and continue to eat healthily throughout your daily life. We are happy to continue to support you with meals, but you will have all the resources and knowledge you need to be fully healthy and maintain your goal weight on your own.

See Livea in Action

The best way to judge any weight loss plan is through the stories of the people who have tried the process. Here are some real stories from Livea users who have reached their goals and continued their health journey.

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